Red Deer Hot Tub Expert – Hot Tub Wholesale

Spring has sprung and It’s time to prepare your hot tub after a long cold winter.

Use this handy check list to check off the details to be sure your hot tub is in tip top condition for the season ahead.  Or if you like feel free to call us and we will send one of our hot tub Experts® to stop by and take care of it for you.


Use Cal check to flush your hot tub before draining the water to flush and clean the internal plumbing.

Check over the mechanical systems inside your hot tub, check for  unusual  noises and leaks that could cause larger  problems later on.

Take out your filter(s) clean or replace as  necessary.

Drain the water and thoroughly clean  your hot tub inside and out, including  your hot tub cover, if the cover is heavy (waterlogged or damaged it may be time  to change it.

Refill your hot tub and add necessary chemicals to sanitize and balance your  water.

Do you require any extra services, call Hot Tub Wholesale’s Expert® service  team.