Red Deer Mobile Devices Expert – Shaun Wentzell

Cell Phone Medics, located in Red Deer’s north end – East side of Gaetz Avenue across from RONA, started in 2015 as a partnership of three friends who recognized a need of their services for the Central Alberta area.

Initially, opening a location in the Johnstone Industrial Park, business was well received by both individual and corporate customers and we see our customer base continuing to grow.  Whether customers use our services or they choose one of our competitors, we want to see that they receive the best possible care. One thing we strongly suggest is that customers ALWAYS ask questions such as:

  • Do they use original or after-market parts? (There is a definite difference in quality between the two.)
  • What is the difference in pricing of those parts? (There is a definite difference between the two.)
  • What does your warranty include and for how long? (As has been our experience some customers don’t get the warranty on after-market parts.)