White Rock Motivation Expert – Pastor Anthony Ens

Who is Jesus to you?

In both of their gospels, apostles Matthew and Mark record a conversation Jesus had with His disciples regarding people’s perceptions of who He was. Jesus asked the disciples “Who do people say that I am?” to which the disciples replies: some believe you are a prophet, some believe you are John the Baptist, others Elijah. Jesus then turned the question on His disciples and asked them who they believed Him to be, to which Peter promptly replied “You are the Christ” (Mark 8:29 ESV).

Jesus praised Peter for his response, saying that this revelation was given to Peter and that upon that revelation the church would be established. It is evident from these accounts that it is critical to have a clear understanding of who Jesus is.

At this point in His ministry Jesus had gained a reputation as a teacher, a wise man and one that performed miracles, however the Israelite people were familiar with men who had been used of God in the past. The revelation of Jesus as the Christ, or the Messiah, was a crucial one as this meant that Jesus was not just another man used of God but that He was God Himself. He was the Saviour come to commune with, and rescue His people.

In our modern context, it can be easy to gloss over these accounts without recognizing their significance in our day and how our answer to the same question has eternal weight. With the advances of technology, science, human rights and charitable organizations, the world is filled with admirable people of great renown. We can look to the world’s religions and see people who have performed good works and whose teachings have value and wisdom. There are countless people throughout history who are deserving of admiration and respect, and as such, many people consider Jesus as just one among these many figures of value.

However, relegating Jesus to just one among many minimizes the reality of who He is. For as Peter proclaimed, He was and is so much more! He was not only a powerful, holy and good man, but He was also God robed in flesh. He was not only a man who performed good works, who when He died lived on only in the stories of history, but He died and rose again to live eternally and give hope to all those who believe in Him! He is the Christ!

Peter was given this revelation as a result of his relationship with Christ.

You see, to understand who Jesus truly is, you must take the time to get to know Him as a Saviour and not only as a man of history. This is an understanding that we cannot afford to get wrong, for whether in this life of the next, we will all come to the understanding of who Jesus is, but our eternal hope is found if we accept Him as our Saviour in this life. So today, I ask you: Who is Jesus to you? If you aren’t able to say He is your Messiah, I urge you to seek to know Him for yourself and to pursue a full revelation of who He is.

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