Medicine Hat Chiropractic Care Expert – Dr. Wallace Jans

For the last 10 years we have written monthly articles for this publication, Ask the Experts®.  We hope that over the years you have gained some beneficial insights into chiropractic and health. Perhaps you have even been motivated to to make some changes in your life.

As we have written these articles we are aware that calling oneself an expert is both a privilege and a responsibility.  It implies superior knowledge and skill in a particular area.  With our chiropractors possessing a combined 115 years of practice experience and ongoing education, we believe that qualifies us as Experts® on Chiropractic Care.  Although each article has a primary author, the articles are really collaborative efforts to share our extensive chiropractic expertise with you.

While we are Experts® in chiropractic care, we are not experts in all chiropractic techniques.  (I will define a chiropractic technique as the specific method used to administer a chiropractic adjustment.)  Rather we have chosen to be experts in instrument adjusting.  This approach was adopted as our mainstay because it is effective, consistent, reliable and comfortable.  It allows patients to receive very similar chiropractic adjustments from any of the doctors in our clinic.  This means a patient can see any available doctor and get consistently great results.

All of our doctors are trained in a variety of chiropractic techniques, but we are not experts in all those techniques.  Yes, we can adjust the spine using various methods.  But those adjustments are unlikely to be as effective as when we use the procedures with which we are most skilled. Our office focus has been to become the very best at instrument adjusting. If you are wanting a great instrument adjustment we are the clinic to come to.  If your preference is a different technique you will likely be better served by visiting a chiropractor that has taken the time to become an expert in that particular approach.  Whatever your preference, I would encourage you to seek out someone who has become skilled in a specific technique rather than a ‘jack of all trades’.  When I personally get a chiropractic adjustment, I want it from the most skilled chiropractor possible.

Procedures, other than just instrument adjusting, are used in our clinic.  But they are all complementary to our adjusting technique.  We have laser and massage therapists who are experts in their own fields.  Nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle counseling are utilized to help patients achieve their health goals.

Thousands of people have taken advantage of our chiropractic expertise.  Can we help you as well?  Call us today for a free consultation.