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Wedding Day Disasters and How to Deal with Them.

No matter how much preparation you put into your wedding, things can always go wrong. But the secret to dealing with wedding disasters is to be ready for anything, putting on a brave face and being able to laugh them off.

There are plenty of couples that have had disaster strike on their wedding day and, eventually, they can laugh about it and have a great story to tell their kids.

Always have a backup plan in place. When it comes to your wedding photos you could embrace the rain and pose under colorful umbrellas and matching rain boots.  If you get married during a heat wave make sure you have plenty of bottled water, and sunscreen

Something spilt on your dress!

Don’t panic!   It might seem like the end of the world (especially if red wine has spilt on your dress) but take a deep breath and it will be OK. Be prepared for spills by getting your wedding day emergency kit ready before the big day with everything you will need for small emergencies during the wedding, from a small sewing kit to clear nail polish for repairing a run in your pantyhose.