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Did you know at Canadian Gun Hub We can Verify Fire Arms

When to verify a firearm?

The Canadian Firearms Program, as per the Firearms Act and related regulations, requires that a firearm be verified:

1.When the firearm is registered or is in the process of being registered, transferred, or modified.

2.Before incorrect firearm information can be corrected.

3.Before antiques or non  – firearms are de-registered.

Verification procedures are as follows:

1.When a firearm is verified, it must be physically examined in order to confirm its physical details.

2.The Firearms Reference Table (FRT) can assist in correctly identifying the firearm before completing the verification process. FRT entries are divided into two main components; the Parent entry which lists information regarding the make, mode, type and action; and the Child entry which lists information regarding the calibre, barrel length and number of shots.

3.Verifiers are not required to disassemble a firearm during examination. If a firearm requires disassembly, it is the owners responsibility to disassemble it. Before handling any firearm, make sure to PROVE it safe.