Red Deer Denture Expert – Mark Multzet

Often I hear from couples. “my dentures fit great and my husbands are terrible.  The guy who made his must have screwed up?”  The truth is no two mouths are the same.  Some people have fantastic mouth anatomy to attain outstanding suction and fit.  Some people unfortunately do not.

Why?  Many many things play into this.  Genetics, health, length of time your teeth have been missing, medications that your on, trauma to the mouth… the list goes on.  The great thing is, that in this day and age even people who lack the oral anatomy to get a great fit, still can get a great fit.  We have advanced materials and mechanisms that can snap your denture into place with great stability and fit.

Implants once required a second mortgage.  Not anymore!  I’m fortunate enough to have a fantastic working team and support network of professionals whom work closely with me every day.  Implants cost a fraction of what they used to be and far more advanced from the mechanisms used 20 years ago.   I fabricate about 3-4 implant denture cases per week.  The amount of patients that I have that are utilizing these new advanced cost efficient techniques is encouraging.  Dentures that once were falling out with ease and causing countless sores, are now being snapped in with amazing stability and function.  That is not only extremely pleasing to the patient, it is extremely exciting to me too.  That is why I have searched out to find the best implant dentists in the area that, not only provide fantastic service and quality, but at a reasonable price.

I have been making dentures for over 25 years, and I thrive on finding the best techniques to attain the best results possible for my patients.  I have done all the leg work for you to get the best results by visiting one place.  The place is SOUTH HILL DENTURE LAB/CLINIC.  For a free consultation to see for yourself, call 403-346-3334.