Red Deer Heating and Air Conditioning Expert – Brad Johnson

Installing Central Air Conditioning this year in your home? Consider the benefits of having perfect control of your home’s temperature throughout the year!

Central Air is rapidly becoming a necessity in today’s modern homes where construction methods have improved, so a home’s air tightness has also improved, causing much of the passive solar heat gain through windows to remain in the home during the hot summer months. Ventilation methods do not always keep up with the solar gain, and thus mechanical cooling is required to maintain comfort, and humidity control.

Other benefits of Central Air, allow us to keep our windows and doors closed to keep dust out (especially for homes in newer construction areas).

Energy efficiency of modern air conditioners has come a long way in the past 10 years, and power consumption is not as large of a concern when operating these systems compared to a few years ago.

Comfortec specializes in air conditioner install, and service. Our techs can usually install a system in one day, and are meticulous about quality and proper installation of your system.  Check us out for a free no obligation estimate.  Low interest financing is available, as well as 10 year parts and labor warranties on your install.