Medicine Hat Bra Fitting Expert – Mel Lambert

How and When to Shop for Nursing Bras

In all my years of bra fitting, I’ve never seen two pregnancies that are the same. Everyone is different and their pregnant bodies will grow and change at different rates. However, there are a few best practices that work for most people:

Don’t go overboard: If you find yourself needing new bras midway through your pregnancy, limit yourself to one or two, try more inexpensive styles, or see if a band extender can help you make your old bras work for as long as possible. At such a transitional time, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to wear these styles again, so don’t spend a ton of money if you can help it!

Get a comfy one: Most hospitals recommend that you have a nursing bra with you when you’re admitted. For the maternity ward, I recommend buying a stretchy, non-underwire style to pack in your bag. They’re not the most attractive, but they should get you through the hospital stay as comfortably as possible.

Wait it out: The best time to fit a nursing bra is after the milk arrives. If you can wait until after giving birth to get fitted by a professional for most of your nursing bras, they’ll work better than if you buy too early in your pregnancy. If you can’t wait that long, a good fitter should be able to fit you before giving birth as long as you’re a) in your last month of pregnancy and b) willing to put up with the fitter leaving you extra space in your cups.