Medicine Hat Medical Cosmetics Expert – Dr. Burger


What spa procedures can help treat acne?

Treating acne requires a Medi-spa (a Physician operated spa). Skin pH can be corrected with Medical strength chemical peels which will also help kill bacteria currently infecting the skin. Esthetic level Chemical peels are not able to penetrate skin deep enough or be potent enough to obtain the desired results.

IPL Laser can be used to treat oil glands and help diminish oil production in the skin, thus helping us prevent white and black heads which are the first stages of acne. IPL Laser also targets the mitochondria of bacteria in the skin and disintegrates these bacteria, similar to using antibiotics.

Avoid any procedures that breaks the skin eg Microdermabrasion as it can further spread the infection in an already inflamed and irritated skin.

Medical Facials using medical grade vitamins can be used to feed the skin and help correct oil production by its effect on oil glands.

Pixelated or Fraxelated Lasers can be used very effectively to help reduce scarring from acne breakouts once the breakouts are under control. These lasers stop further formation of wound collagen that leads to dimpled scars and helps fill in unevenness by initiating production of embryonic (soft, baby) collagen.

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