Medicine Hat Vision Care Expert – Jim Stewart

Obviously, the UV can cause sunburns on your skin but it can also cause challenges for your eyes.  Too much UV on or around your eyes can cause the same burns.  The skin around your eyes is extremely tender and can burn really easily.  The number of incidents of skin cancer in that area around your eyes is increasing tremendously.  UV can also promote cataract growth.

What about the brightness of the sun when it comes to having fun outside?  No one likes squinting outside!  The “crow’s feet” look isn’t all that attractive.  (My opinion only.)  So, what the answer?  Obviously, good sunglasses.  Easy right?  Not really, there are a lot of choices.  Here’s some help.

One choice in sunglasses is deciding on polarized lenses or non-polarized.  In my mind that’s an easy choice.  Polarized!  You see so much better with polarized lenses.  Polarized is a special filter in the lens that cuts down reflected glare.  The glare reflected off water, snow, ice, pavement, sand, and it even helps the inside of your windshield.   Please keep in mind that it is a more expensive option but I know it’s well worth it.  Straight dark tinted lenses reduce the brightness, but not the glare.  However, it’s still better than squinting.

What color should you get in sunglass lenses?  Well this is personal preference too.  Grey, brown and green are considered neutral colors.  Meaning when you look through those colors the colors you look at are still true.  Looking at a white wall, it’s still white.  If you look through fashion colors the white wall may look more blue or pink or take on whatever color you are looking through.

Grey lenses are typically the darkest, but they lack contrast.  Brown is my favorite as they improve contrast and are easier to use as the light diminishes.  Green is also good for contrast too.

What if you wear prescription glasses?  What do you do?  Well again, there are options.  Transitions in your eyewear is an option.  It works great outside and will darken depending on how much UV is available.  As it gets darker they will lighten up so you aren’t switching between glasses and sunglasses as much.  But you don’t have the glare reduction of polarized lenses.  For going for a walk, cutting the grass or relaxing outside these are a great option.  BUT they don’t work great in a vehicle.  So, a trip to Calgary when it’s bright is still bright in transitions.  So then use your polarized sunglasses.  Or sitting at the Mavericks game, the transitions will work but a good pair of polarized sunglasses would be better.  Transitions are available in green, grey and brown.

We carry a huge selection of sunglasses including Oakley, Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Nike and many more.  We have lots of options for you!

Please check with your eyeglass professional and get the help.  It’s what we do!

Enjoy the sunny warm weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!