Medicine Hat Wine Expert – Whitney Kerner

With spring finally making an appearance, everyone seems to be getting the urge to be outside on the patio, or enjoying a BBQ with friends.

So, naturally this Nutrl Vodka Soda is the perfect fit!

To get your beach body in shape Nutrl Soda Vodka Coolers have, NO CARBS. NO SUGAR. NO SWEETENERS. NO PRESERVATIVES. Only three ingredients,  Simply craft vodka ,  sodium free carbonated water, and natural flavours.

Unlike other coolers which are sweetened, flavoured and made with mass-produced spirits, Nutrl Vodka Soda is made using outstanding small-batch handcrafted vodka, soda water, and natural lemon for a flavour that’s notably cleaner, lighter and-yes-more neutral.

At only 98 calories per 355ml can, it is a perfect change from the usual surgary-sweet coolers!