Lethbridge Funeral Planning Expert -Nicolas Salmon

Preplanning Your Funeral

Having some simple information about your funeral wishes written down somewhere can help relieve some stress for your family in the event of your death; from large decisions such as Cremation or Traditional burial, to small decisions such as types of flowers to be used, if any.

At the time of death here are few options that your family will need to choose for you if you haven’t left any instructions for them:

The type of service you would like to have. Traditionally a cremation or burial. If you choose to be buried, what type of casket would you prefer? Caskets can differ greatly, from metal to fine wood, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Burials are required to take place in a cemetery. Which cemetery would you prefer? Arrangements for your plot can be made in advance with the cemetery securing your final resting place.

Cremation decisions are also important to plan ahead. Whether to have a viewing during the service prior to cremation. Having your cremated remains scattered, buried, set in a columbarium or perhaps kept at home by your family. What type of urn would you prefer? There isn’t a mandatory type of vessel to be used as an urn. You can purchase an urn made from wood, metal, granite or even use an old coffee can.

Would your family and friends prefer to say their farewells in a church, at the funeral home or a location of your choosing. You can make suggestions for your service including how you would like to be dressed, scriptures and memorials to be read, hymns and music to be used as well as your pallbearers and speakers; even thoughts on what your favorite flowers might be.

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