Lethbridge Integra Air Expert – John Macek

Integra Air is dedicated to lifting the expectations of its valued clients by providing a level of service unrivaled in the industry. The Integra Air team is committed to delivering the traveling public to their desired destination in the safest, most efficient and comfortable manner possible.

Do you have questions about us? Here are some helpful tips and policies :-

IPAK Program Frequent Flyer?

Integra Air offers packages of 10 tickets for passengers and companies travelling frequently.

Benefits include: (For multi-users)

-If cancelling an IPak within 6 hours of the flight time this will result in the fare being forfeited.

-Includes all taxes and GST

-Online Booking available

-Valid for one year from date of purchase


With Integra Air’s ticketless system, a paper ticket is not required to check-in; however, we recommend that you carry your Flight Itinerary with you during your trip as it contains many important details pertaining to your flight including contact phone numbers for Integra Air.

Check-In Time

To assist you with on-time departures, passengers should check in at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure. Failure to check in 15 minutes before departure time may result in cancellation of your entire reservation.

Photo ID

For security requirements, please ensure that you have a form of government issued Photo ID with you for checking in to your flights.


If you require extra assistance in boarding please let Integra Air know about your needs when you check-in for your flight. We have a wheelchair available to assist you to and from the aircraft. Pre-boarding is provided for guests traveling with small children and for guests requiring some extra assistance.


Baggage Allowances vary based on departure city. Please refer to your itinerary for baggage allowance. A $2.50 per pound charge will be applied to every pound exceeding specified baggage allowances for each departure city. Baggage above the normally accepted limit may be accepted subject to aircraft weight and space availability. Extra charges will apply. For more information please check Excess Baggage under Passenger Information under Scheduled Flights for charges and conditions. To view a list of what you can and can’t take on your flight, please visit our Environmental/Dangerous Goods section on our website.

Carry-on Baggage

Due to Ministry of Transportation safety requirements and the size of aircraft Integra Air operates, carry-on baggage is limited to what will safely fit under the seat in front of you. Carry-on baggage must meet the size requirements of 12″x1 2″x 13″ and weigh less than 13 pounds (6Kgs). A reminder that all carry on baggage is subject to security restrictions and any prohibited items such as lighters, knitting needles, finger nail files and clippers, etc. will be confiscated by security.


Integra Air offers its passengers the convenience of free parking in Lethbridge. The parking stalls are clearly marked with a red sign at the head of the stall and are located at the east end of the Paid Parking area located in front of the main terminal building. When you turn into the Paid Parking lot the stalls on your left are the ones marked Integra Air Free Parking. If you use our free parking please register you vehicle at the check-in counter.

Please contact our 24 hour dispatch center for any inquiries.

Toll free : 1-877-213-8359 or visit www.integraair.com