Lethbridge Insurance Expert – Seth Carlisle

Classic Car Insurance

With the sunshine here again and summer starting it is a guarantee that classic cars will start showing up on the roads. Southern Alberta has a lot to offer classic car fans, from car shows to Street Wheelers weekend. But did you know that there is an insurance company that offers specific insurance for classic cars?

Why Choose A Specialized Policy

One of the benefits to insuring your classic car with a specialized company is that the company is more aware of the risks associated with a higher valued classic car.

Having an agreed upon value when you start your policy and not needing an appraisal are just two ways that a specialized company can simplify your classic car coverage.

Lower Cost

Using a company that only insures classic cars saves you money as well. Because they specialize in classic cars, premiums are on average 45% lower then what you would pay with a non-specialized company.

Giving Back

Did you know Haggerty Insurance, who specializes in classic cars also give back to the community? They support the hobby of classic car insurance through the Haggerty Education Program, the Historical Vehicle Association and other youth programs. Not only do you as the insured save money but you help instill the love of classic cars into the next generation.

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