Medicine Hat Bra Fitting Expert – Mel Lambert

“Unlined Cups Through the Summer Months”

I would say that about half of our customers have yet to discover the joys of an unlined cup. Ever since the opposite style, moulded cups, burst onto the scene in the 80s people haven’t been able to get enough of them. But, like neon stirrup pants, not everything made in the 80s still works for everyone in the 2010s.

Unlined cups are pretty much what they sound like: a thin fabric cup, usually with seams running across it, that holds and supports the breast without being carved from heavy foam. Moulded cups force their own foamy shape onto a person,

whereas unlined cups support you while still allowing your natural shape to shine through. I would even argue that because unlined cups contain reinforced seams in key places, most people actually get better lift and support from an unlined cup.

Another bonus of unlined cups? They are WAY cooler in the Summer! By allowing air to move freely between the outside and your skin inside, it’s possible that switching to unlined cups in the Summer months can rid you of that heavy, sweaty bra feeling. For some people, the only hard part is getting them to switch back!

If you’ve never tried an unlined cup before, the summer months are a great time to experiment! They often fit differently than a moulded, t-shirt style cup, which may require you to be re-sized. Talking to an experienced fitter and letting them walk you through the unlined options in the store is the absolute easiest way to try this little Summer life hack!