Medicine Hat Event Decor Expert – Joanne Ebel

The New Wedding Rules!!

  1. You don`t have to wear white: The big decision used to be white or ivory (champagne if you were really daring!), but now black, blue and pink are also in play.
  2. You don`t have to have matching bridesmaid dresses: More and more bridal parties are going the mismatched route. But here`s the trick to pulling it off: Either have your bridesmaids stick to the same color family or the same fabric. Then, everyone can pick a dress that she feels great in – and may actually wear again!
  3. You don`t have to have a bouquet (or garter) toss: Instead of singling out all the singles, try the anniversary dance. Have all married couples join the bride and groom on the dance floor, as the bandleader or DJ plays a song and then eliminates couples depending on the amount of time they have been married. The last couple remaining (aka the longest married pair) is then presented with your bouquet.
  4. You don`t have to hide from each other beforehand: Brides and grooms used to avoid one another at all costs prior to the ceremony. But seeing each other before walking down the aisle can help ease your nerves. No matter how relaxed you feel, day of jitters are just a reality. Plus, taking first look photos frees you up to enjoy cocktail hour.
  5. You don`t have to have a traditional bridal party: If your closest pal in the world happens to be your Grandma, or even a guy, go ahead and make them attendants.