Medicine Hat Home Renovation Expert – Michael Klassen

Sometimes it seems that your home is like your comfy mattress – it is comfortable, familiar, and a safe place.  Eventually, the time comes for the new mattress.  That new, firm, clean and comfortable bed has some similarities to the new rooms, the new kitchen, or new paint and windows of a home renovation project.  While the mattress has a few benefits, your home renovation has many positive influences to add to your home life.

1 Renovate to save on future utility costs. You absolutely will conserve your future money with new insulation or new windows and new doors.

2  Renovate for more room. As one’s family grows it often is not best for the family unit to move to a new home.   What’s better? Finishing the basement, adding a new rec room, or even a new nursery may be exactly what your growing family needs.

3 More indoor parking and work space.  The new double garage can be a huge asset for  the growing family or for the successful couple who wants the extra space for cars and hobbies; the other benefit to the additional garage, a higher resale value when it is time to sell.

4 Renovating the outdoor space.  It provides more room for entertaining, family time and hobbies.  The renovated deck and landscaped “rooms” are spaces created to make the outdoor areas of your property an extension of what’s inside your home.

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