Medicine Hat Wine Expert – Whitney Kerner

La Pinta Pomegranate

The exotic tequila liquer is bright red in color and balances a tart and sweet taste profile. La Pinta is absolutely perfect chilled and poured straight into the glass for the perfect cocktail.  La Pinta Pomegranate is made with Clase Azul silver tequila and blended with pure and rich pomegranate flavors. The ultimate smoothness of Clase Azul tequila blends onto the most delicious spirit.

The unique character of La Pinta becomes even more appealing when you mix it with sparkling wine or any fruit juices to make a regular cocktail into a next level of perfection everytime!

Give La Pinta a try in Bellini, a Cosmopolitan, or add to your favorite Sangria Recipe, it’s perfect on a hot summer day.