Medicine Hat Medical Cosmetic Expert – Dr. Burger

Why a Body Wrap?

After many months spent on researching methods and ingredients and types of clays, we have been using Glacial Bay Marine Clay for our Body Wraps at Hummingbird MediSpa with huge success and client satisfaction.

Glacial Bay Marine Clay comes from the eroded base of a glacier in coastal British Columbia. The clay is submerged in the Pacific Ocean 50% of the time and is deposited by the glacier between tides.

This allows the clay to be continually infused with micronutrients from marine phytoplankton. The minerals are energized through a process called hydrolysis, giving the clay a negative charge. The negative charge helps deliver the powerful properties of the clay to our skin.

During a Body Wrap the client is purposely kept warm and there will be sweating! The goal of this step is to detoxify breakdown products from the body through sweating and simultaneously allowing micronutrients found in the clay to enter the skin.

These micronutrients combined with heat can help sooth painful aching muscles. Anti-inflammatory properties have been attributed to the micronutrients that are so abundant in Glacial Bay Marine Clay and are found to be beneficial to humans.

Our Body Wraps include a step for rehydrating the skin by using essentials oils diffused into coconut oil as carrier. For the person with very dehydrated, dry, flaky skin we offer the Rehydration Body Wrap with Shea Butter. There is a Revitalising Body Wrap that includes a mini facial and a Relaxation Body Wrap which includes a massage.

Having a Glacial Bay Marine Clay Body Wrap is a very relaxing experience and very popular with our clients.

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