Medicine Hat Scrap Metal Expert – “Scrapper” Sandy Traichel

June is graduation time! It’s time for students to think about raising money for college or whatever their future goals are! If you’re thinking about Graduation Fundraisers, bottle drives are great, but why not do a Scrap Metal Drive? Gather all the copper, aluminum and steel you can get your hands on and bring it in to fund your graduation Ceremony!

Call Gas City Metals to assist you with valuable information and advice as to how to get the best value from your scrap metals. We can also provide bin service for larger projects as well as price quotes. Remember we recycle all types of appliances, steel, copper and aluminum just to name a few.

We are running our Pizza Promotion again! The first three people to bring in a copy of this ad will be given one of three $20.00 gift certificates to Farros Pizza. Use it to feed your helpers or Celebrate a new beginnings as our graduates move on to bigger and brighter “Copper-tunities”!

Congratulations Graduates! Best of Luck to you in all your endeavors!