Red Deer Auto Paint and Restoration Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

Better Get Ready!

Summer is here, and from the number of classic rods seen on the street lately it’s going to be a good one. There are plenty of reasons why you should detail your vehicle for the summer, and simple pride of ownership is just one. Of course you want to feel good about what you drive. Arriving safely, and with no inconvenient breakdowns enroute is pretty high on the list too. When we detail a vehicle, our techs notice and advise the owner of any number of potential maintenance problem areas. It stands to reason that many drivers are pulling watercraft, ATV’s, and other recreational trailers during the summer. Maintenance is a must.

For starters, detail the paint. Some year around ‘rides’ have their vehicle steam cleaned to remove winter buildup, and then have us detail the finish. If you are a ‘Do It Yourselfer’ , remove tar from the paint, and apply a good coat of wax. Don’t ignore the tires – this is the time to double check your tire pressure and tread depth. Spring for an oil change – this is the cheapest form of maintenance. Examine your exhaust system. Drivers end up idling with engine running for air conditioning purposes, and leaks can be disastrous. Ensure your coolant levels are up to par. Don’t leave town without checking those brakes. You may have picked up some battery corrosion over the winter, so get rid of that too. Check to see when your AC system was last charged.  Over time, it just gets warmer and warmer! Don’t forget the interior. We’re surprised sometimes at the pretty decent care an exterior receives, and still find salt on the interior carpeting just because nobody thought of it.  At the end of your trip, whether it is in a campsite or back home – get those bird droppings and bugs off your paint. It’s surprising how fast that type of contaminant can etch your paint. Carry a microfiber cloth and some spray to keep up to date on that chore. Don’t use dish soap, even if that is all you have on hand. Spray with water, and clean it properly when you have the right supplies on hand!