Red Deer Building Supplies and Hardware Expert – Roger DeRegt

Did you know that Wolf Creek Building Supplies deals in cedar lumber? Cedar is a useful building material that can resist weather like treated lumber but does not leech chemicals. This makes cedar ideal for use in things like garden boxes for growing vegetables.

Cedar is also an attractive wood that looks great in yard structures like gazebos, pergolas and even simple things like fencing. If you are considering building an attractive cedar structure this summer, we also carry Ornamental Wood Ties by Ozco Building Products. These durable ties work well with cedar lumber to create beautiful structures without compromising function.

Our Lacombe location can special order cedar lumber for your projects and our Sylvan Lake location keeps some cedar lumber in stock. All Wolf Creek Building Supplies locations carry Ozco Building Products in stock.

For more information about cedar lumber or Ozco Building Products, contact us today. Or visit for project ideas, project plans and more!