Red Deer Glass Repair Expert – Jeff Heisler

Is price the only thing you are looking for in a glass replacement?  We highly recommend that you look at what makes up the price of a replacement, especially the windshield.

The first thing to consider is the quality.  There are two parts here, quality of the glass, and quality of the installation.  There are many sub-standard quality products available in our marketplace, and this allows for large discrepancies when it comes to pricing.  Bad quality parts can chip/pit easier, they can have small or large distortions that can cause warped vision and headaches while driving, they may not fit correctly, they may hide your vehicle identification number (VIN)

and may not have the proper attachments for rear view mirrors, cameras, and rain sensors that can be mounted to the glass.

The second thing to consider is the quality of the installation.  Are the installers using all the proper procedures and steps by the vehicle manufacturer, the government, and the bonding agent manufacturers recommendations and guidelines?  Missing any of these steps may cause the window to not be bonded properly (big problems if it is a structural part like most windshields today), causing leaks, whistles, or failure of the adhesive in the event of airbag deployment.

The third thing to consider is service. This is self explanatory.  For us, quality in parts, installations, and service comes before price.