Red Deer Hearing Expert – Monalyn Solberg, AuD, R.Aud, Aud(C) Doctor of Audiology, Registered Audiologist

Q: Can I wait to get hearing aids?

Hearing aids can be a large step for some people, in fact, most people wait seven years on average to seek help after they are diagnosed with hearing loss. There are many social and physical consequences of untreated hearing loss. Numerous research studies have found that untreated hearing loss can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, decreased social activity, poorer overall quality of life, increased frustration among family and friends, poorer overall health, lower incomes, and increased fatigue. One harsh reality of waiting to treat hearing loss is that if a person waits too long the auditory nerve can weaken. If this happens then the ability to process speech information even with a hearing aid is significantly reduced. Call us today for a FREE hearing test and take your first steps towards better hearing.