Red Deer Heating and Air Conditioning Expert – Brad Johnson

Now is the perfect time to book an estimate for Central Air Conditioning installed in your home, as the season is here.  For as low as $60 per month, you can enjoy the luxury of controlling your indoor climate in the hot summer days ahead. Our Goodman brand central air conditioners are built to last, and even come with a 10 year factory warranty on all parts, with a 10 year labor warranty available for residential homeowners.

Most installations take less than one day to complete, and Comfortec  Expert® installers will be sure to accomplish the entire job from beginning to end, and show you how easy it is to control from your thermostat.

If you have been “sitting on the fence” about installing A/C in your home, rest assured that it will be one of your best decisions to improve your comfort in your home!

Call us for a free estimate today!”