Red Deer Office Furniture Expert – Sandra Farquharson

It is not natural to sit in an office in front of a computer all day but so many of us do it five days a week for most of our working lives.  Ergonomics are as important in the office environment as they are in any other. There are plenty of things at your desk that contribute to this, but having an ergonomic chair to sit in is a crucial starting point.

Ensure it is adjustable to the task and easily adjusted from the seated position. A good chair will offer height, seat pan tilt and backrest adjustability. Adjust the backrest so that its  convex curve fits into the curve of the user’s lower back, centered about waist level. The user’s feet should be supported by a stable surface at all times. If the feet do not rest on the floor after adjusting the chair height, you should try adding a footrest to your workstation.  Arm rests should be lowered (if adjustable) or removed (if non-adjustable) if they limit forward chair movement by touching the desk or if the user utilizes the armrests while typing and their shoulders rest in an elevated position.  Postural change at frequent intervals throughout the working day should also be encouraged. This can be achieved by “informal” postural pauses (i.e. modifying the chair setting to enable a reclined posture for several minutes) or by standing up from the seated position to perform a different task, maybe stretch, walk to visit a colleague or read a document while standing.  The small changes will make a big difference.