Red Deer Plumbing Expert – Shawn Groulx

Hard Water vs Soft Water

The major difference between hard and soft water can best be seen while doing household chores. Hard water is to blame for dingy looking clothes, dishes with spots and residue and bathtubs with soap scum. Hard water can cause mineral build up on and in your appliances. The mineral build up can cause your appliances to use more energy and not function properly. The mineral build up may also cause your appliances to need more repairs and replacement sooner than expected. The best cost saving way to combat hard water is with a water softener. A water softener will soften your hard water. Installing a water softener will help to prevent your appliances from having the mineral build up. Preventing the mineral build up will help to extend the life of your appliances and they will function more efficiently, using less energy. Chore-doers will love using soft water it will make all your cleaning tasks much easier. Soap will lather better and rinse off better. Your glasses will sparkle and your clothes and skin will be softer.   Save on appliance repair and replacement costs, save on energy costs. In today’s economy investing in a water softener is something to consider.