Lethbridge Denture Wear Expert -Allen Hosack DD.

If you have dentures or are considering the option of getting dentures there are probably a few myths that you have heard that have given you cause for alarm. The first myth that many people have is that dentures last forever. This is simply not true. Even the most expensive dentures won’t hold up forever to the wear and tear of use and in fact your mouth will change over time making your dentures eventually not fit properly. The fact is realistically dentures have to be replaced every five to seven years.

Another myth that most denture wearers are aware of is that wearing dentures will limit what foods are allowed in your diet. This is actually partially true. Even the best fitting dentures won’t allow you to eat some things that are particularly hard and pulling on your teeth like taffy so your diet will be somewhat restricted with dentures.

There is also a misconception that dentures will make your speech hard to understand or make it harder to chew and swallow and this is partially true but only as your mouth adjusts to having dentures. Once this period of adjustment is over your speech and abilities to chew and swallow should be fine. Some medications may reduce the amount of saliva that your mouth creates and this can impact your chewing and swallowing abilities, and although it has nothing to do with your dentures, this may be where the original misconception originated.

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