Lethbridge Insurance Expert -Seth Carlisle


Even though it seems like we barely had spring, summer will be here right away. With summer comes barbequing and spending time outside enjoying the weather. With summer also comes hail season. Southern Alberta is the hail capital of the world also known as Hailstorm Alley. The most expensive hail storm in Canadian history occurred in Hailstorm Alley in 2014 and caused $450 million dollars in damage. Are you covered under your insurance policy in case of hail damage?

Your Vehicle

In July of 2010 hail stones were recorded with a diameter of 4cm.  Severe damage can be caused by this size of stone possibly causing extensive damage. If you have comprehensive coverage on your policy then the damage would be repaired by the insurance company.

Your Home

The roof and siding to your home is vulnerable to hail damage during major storms. Vinyl siding can easily be dented by hail and your roof can be destroyed. Most home policies will cover some form of hail damage but did you know that some companies will only cover a portion of your roof depending on its age? Or that some companies have a separate, higher deductible for wind and hail claims?

What does your home and vehicle insurance cover? Are you prepared for when the next storm hits? Come see one of our experienced brokers to make sure you have the coverage you want at the best price. 403-388-2386