Lethbridge Massage Therapy Expert – June McGlenn (RMT)

Dating back to Egypt 2330 BC, reflexology is a method of massage that focuses touch therapy on the feet and hands and is currently practiced worldwide. Reflexology is the art of walking through the feet with the thumbs, breaking up crystals, stimulating nerves, and applying pressure to specific points associated to a map of the body. It stimulates the reflexes to improve circulation and detoxification of the body. Nerve endings in the feet correlate most strongly to the rest of the body and therefore massaging the feet can significantly help in the reduction of stress and tension. While reflexology does greatly benefit those with chronic health issues, every single person can benefit from a treatment. The relaxation gained can boost your overall health and leave you with a greater sense of well-being, inner peace and enough energy to be on your feet for days! RELAX & ENJOY. Don’t Forget Dad this Father’s Day. Book an Appointment or Get a Gift Certificate Today!

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