Lethbridge Renovations Expert -Allan Graveline

Most home owners have considered the thought of home additions to an existing home. This is an idea that holds much merit now with the real estate prices at a stand still.

Home owners are making the decision of holding on to their existing home as long as possible rather than selling and trading up to a larger model. They do it for two reasons primarily. They do not want the burden of a higher mortgage payment each month for many years and they also want to avoid having to pack everything up to move again. They feel it is a much wiser decision to add some home additions as they have more money to spend.

They like the idea of doing some home additions because they will only spend what they can afford each time without it turning into a monthly expense. They also know that if it is done properly, it can add value to the home. This can make a significant difference when the house is sold. The space must be well designed and properly constructed. Not all ideas will bring the value up in a home. An updated kitchen and bath areas are always good places to start.

Other popular home additions are adding an extra living/family room space or a master bedroom area with private bath and sitting space. Some home owners do not mind borrowing money so they can put up an addition on their home.

They look at it as a wise investment for their future. They think that it would be foolish not to do so because the interest rates are very low and adding more square feet to the house will increase the value and they will be able to charge a higher price when it comes time to sell it.

It is a fact, however, that not all home improvement projects increase the value of a home. If the space is poorly designed with inadequate materials, the shopper will notice right away. They will not be attracted to super off the wall taste in design and may be turned off to the house as a result. They will also notice something that looks like it was the first project done by a novice builder. It would be money wasted if you tried to do this yourself just to save a few dollars. In reality, it will not save money and may be necessary to redo the work in order to sell the home.

Adding a home additions can be just as complex as building a home. The best home contractors will meet with you to answer questions and advise you on your projects. Try to simplify your project as much as possible and search for a professional that you will feel comfortable working with and that has the skill set you require. People have decided to remain in their homes longer. This means, they are putting of moving even though they may have outgrown their existing home.