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Top Quality A/C Testing, Recharge & Repair Service

Our certified technicians can perform many air conditioning services from testing and regular maintenance to complete A/C system repair. At Mighty Tune & Brake we can check your vehicle’s system, quickly diagnose the problem and provide cost-effective repair solutions.

Regular inspections help ensure cooling efficiency and identify possible refrigerant leaks. Additional services your vehicle might need include:

  • System fan level check
  • System PSI pressure reading to verify Freon level
  • Output temperature check
  • Blower fan and compressor examination to ensure proper operation
  • Belts and hoses inspection to discover indications of aging and potential failure
  • Diagnosis of possible problems with faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure

Recharging Your Car’s Air Conditioning

While a car’s air conditioning system is sealed, leaks can still occur. When that happens, your vehicle needs an air conditioner recharge, which includes:

  • Recharging with additional refrigerant to bring pressure up to specifications
  • Introduction of fluorescent dye to visually reveal system leaks

Mighty Tune & Brake auto A/C recharge services include everything from inspection to repair. So, if your A/C has developed problems and you would rather be cool than cooked, let the highly trained and experienced technicians at Mighty Tune & Brake South Surrey help you out!

  1. My A/C was recently serviced but still doesn’t seem cold enough. Why?
  2. If your car’s A/C system has been recently serviced but still doesn’t seem cold enough, you can maximize its efficiency by following these easy steps. If you are traveling in a low humidity or dry climate such as BC , or Toronto use your car’s “Fresh Air” setting. This brings in the outside air and allows the A/C system to cool the hot, dry air more efficiently. If you are traveling in a humid area, set your air conditioner to “Recirculate”. This will eliminate the use of the high-moisture outside air, making it easier for the A/C system to cool off the air and keeping you nice and comfortable.

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