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The more you spend the more perks you will get.More expensive models always have a wider selection of useful features.Finished inside and out with sound dampening stainless steel is nearly standard in mid to high end units.As well you will find a wider selection of useful features like adjustable rack levels,stemware and tupperware clips,foldable tines,sometimes a third rack,any many specialized mini baskets and utensil holders.All of which will make dishwashing one of your more pleasant chores.

In the case of premium dishwashers, esthetics are also premium,buttons are almost always hidden

leaving a clean sleek front which accentuates their finishes.Now how about noise levels,which are rated in decibels.Whats good and whats not ? Bargain priced dishwashers average around 50 decibels where you would have to speak up to be heard  over the washer versus high end units that come in the mid to low 40 db area where you might not hear it running standing right beside it.

Even bargain price dishwashers will clean dishes adequately so when your shopping for yours set a budget and try and get a unit that has as many of the aforementioned features as you can find.Figure out what features are the most important to you and be sure to pay enough to get them.If you choose to go premium then you should really get most of them in a higher priced dishwasher.

So yes,premium priced dishwashers are worth the money.

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