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Is Flood coverage or Overland Water coverage the same as Sewer Back up?

Does your policy cover you for one and not the other? What kind of exposure does this create for you?

Typically Overland Water coverage will offer you coverage from water when it overflows from an inland body of water or water entering your home from above ground caused by spring melt off or torrential downpours from rain storms.

Sewer Backup is a result of water entering the premise through sewer lines or drain lines in the home.

Not all policies offer coverage for both overland water coverage and sewer backup coverage and there can be a big difference in the limits of coverage offered from policy to policy.

What would you do in the event of a $100,000 sewer back up loss if your insurance policy only offered a $20,000 coverage limit?

It is also important to understand that wordings on an insurance policy will be different from company to company. Many homeowners’ policies may not include coverage for damage caused by a sewer backup that is caused in part by a recent flood so it is important to have coverage for both.

Know what is and is NOT covered on your homeowner’s policy. If you are not sure contact our knowledgeable staff at Broker Age General Insurance Services.

** NOTE:  The information provided in this blog is of a general nature.  It may not be specific to your particular situation.  We recommend you consult our office for appropriate advice **

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