Grande Prairie Marketing Expert – Shawn Shmyr

Let’s take the guess work out of Marketing by using RBM.  Result Based Marketing.

My name is Shawn Shmyr, and as a five time President’s Award Winner for excellence in broadcasting and online marketing I can show you proven systems for achieving your marketing goals and ultimately increasing sales.

Imagine your dream car.  Super charged, able to out perform most of its competitors, capable of taking you anywhere you want to go and does not have a single drop of gas in it.  Fantasy over!  Marketing your business is the fuel of success and without it, businesses are at a magnificent disadvantage.

 Here are 5 top tips for Broadcasting and Digital Success.

1)  Great service, great selection, great quality!  You are wasting your time promoting this.  All of these items are a minimum expectations to customers.  Even when not offered.   The fact that someone can buy from you is not relevant any more.  You must showcase your “right why to buy”.  Why should I buy from you?  If you have the right ads, you can actually advertise less because they have impact!

 2)  It’s not all about online.  89% of all online search results come from another source of media.  WHAT?  No one searches something they do not know about.  You must spark their interest and lead them to you.  I.e.) Hear about a product on the radio, then google it.  Who gets the credit?  Its an online search that only happened because of the radio ad.  You must have a funnel system to get people on line.

3) If you stop branding advertising, you are helping your competitors.  Don’t have the budget of Coke or Pepsi?  Great.  You can still use their strategy.  The entire point of advertising is you putting your brand in front of the buyer, before they need you.  So, when they need you.  You are the best option.  When you don’t use branding advertising, you make your competitor’s branding advertising more effective. Simply because consumers continue to hear from them.

4) Most people will not care about your ads.  Unless, you add emotion and a true offer.  Ever cry over a commercial?  Yup.  They got you.  Emotion sells products more then price.  That is why people will pay $300 for a pair of jeans when they could get jeans for $40.  It’s how you make people feel abut your product that matters.  Also, your deal must be GREAT.  Your offer must be awesome!   We live in a world with Boxing Day sales in the middle of summer, so if all you can offer is 10% off… It’s not going to work on a large scale.

5) It’s not all about social media.  Nope, nope, nope.   How many of those videos popping up in your personal feed trying to get you to buy something do you love?  Exactly.  They lead you to being deleted, blocked or ignored because people are going their for social interaction. Not, to be spammed.  54% of Social Media users use ad blocking on their devices.  Channels, are a superior and more trusted from of marketing.  64% of consumers respond better to trusted sites from channels vs social media.  Oh yeah, If  you think social media is Free, You just lost.  FB is the one of the biggest ad agencies on the planet.  Why would they build, host and manage a net work, employing thousands of people and let you market for free?  They won’t.

BONUS TIP:  Digital Conquesting brings the right ad, to the right person, at the right time because it relies on the online history of a consumer that they cannot delete.  Only Rogers / 977 Rock has access to the digital channels in this market.  Broadcasting acts as an awareness funnel with high call to action to lead people to your store or site.  Your websites are for buyers to research you and your social media is for them to become a fan of yours and interact on their terms.  All of it together is fuel for the engine of  a thriving business.

Call me at 780-505-2616 and we can grab a coffee to design a custom result based marketing system for you!

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