Lethbridge Funeral Planning Expert -Nicolas Salmon

Preplanning your own funeral can be one of the best gifts you give to your loved ones after you’re gone. It’s may not seem like it now, but when you think about it, you will realize that you’re saving your loved ones from lots of anguish and pain. The death of a loved one is one of the most painful things that anyone would ever go through. And when you’re in such pain, the last thing you want to do is to haggle about the price of a casket or variable floral arrangements for the funeral.

So, pre planning the funeral right now so that you can decide on what kind of funeral you want way ahead of time is a smart move. If you’re looking to get a low cost funeral, this is even the best time to do it. This is because when you’re gone and your family needs to make the necessary arrangements, the funeral directors may rip off your family by charging them too much or getting them to pay a lot more than they would normally pay. So to pre plan the funeral, here are a couple tips to begin with.

  1. Create an Ethical Will

The next thing you want to do is to create an ethical will. An ethical will is basically a list of wishes concerning your funeral. It is unlike the normal will which includes a list of your wishes regarding your assets, investments and properties. So, an ethical will should include the things that you need or want done, arrangements and funds available, include information as to where and how family members can get funding for your funeral.

  1. Make Arrangements For The Funeral Director

You should also make an arrangement with the funeral director of your choice. In fact, this is good because you get to secure discounts on many things that people generally pay more to get. Also, you may need to inform them of how you intend to pay for the funeral. The most important thing they just need to know, is that when the time comes, they would know which insurance company to contact to make the payment for the funeral.

These simple tips will save your loved ones a lot of time and you’ll have a very nice and trouble free funeral.

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