Lethbridge Hearing Expert -Michael B. Golia, BC-HIS ,RHAP

QUESTION: EXPERIENCE COUNTS!  56 Years of SERVICE to Southern Alberta.  What does that mean to you?

ANSWER:  A). I’m old as dirt. B). I’ve seen a lot of changes in the Hearing Healthcare Profession C). My years of experience give me an ADVANTAGE over other Practitioners D). ALL of the above.

I started working at age 15 with FRED and Mary Leister, at Leisters Music & Hearing, the year was 1962. In those days the GOVT. was not involved in funding or regulation. ZENITH Hearing Aids (Toronto) was the “cadillac” brand name of the day. We fit a lot of EYEGLASS models. The cost of a good quality instrument was $350.00. Oh, how things have changed.

Today, GOVT. regulates our profession. A Hearing Practitioner is well trained and we deliver our service through many different contracts. The Patient is protected by a 28 day TRIAL period. Technology has made great strides with a better than 80 – 90% successful fitting rate.

Trinity Hearing Instrument Specialists, Inc. has some of the most up-to-date equipment, services and procedures. e.g. Noah 4 Programming, DSL Speech Mapping, EAR SCAN-Video Otoscopy, the FIREFLY Wireless Video 50-150 x magnification,  Med Rx Real EAR, AUDIOSCOPE- Screen testing, HiPro2, the SPIN DR., Dizzy FIX, AURACARE-Preventive maintenance & Comparitor Check, TV EARS-Canada, PHONAK- Roger Pen, Sound Recovery, BERNAFON- Sound Gate 3, AT22 Interacoustics TYMPANOMETRY, AA30 Clinical Audiometer, HUGE- walk-in ECKEL sound booth, MIRACELL Botanicals, and a CUISINART/KEURIG (single-serve COFFEE Brewer), Drop in for a GOOD cup of coffee ANYTIME…NO appointment required.

Let my years of experience work for you. Also, we PRAY for each Patients needs…PRAYER changes EVERYTHING.

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