Lethbridge Plumbing & Gas Fitting Expert – Clint McKee

Ready to replace your sewer?

Many people have seen and heard about the new lining technology for sewer lines and mains. This year, there has been a lot of work in the south end of town on main streets. This is a no-dig solution to rehabilitate the sewer lines. When you have a new liner installed, it becomes a new stuctural pipe within your pipe. Because of how smooth the liner is, flow rate increases. No more nasty roots growing in your pipe causing sewer back up, that can cost tens of thousands of dollars damage. Clear Drain has over 13 years experience in different methods of lining. We have lined 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” pipes. We have lined for the city, towns, and residential. We have special ways of lining right down to a clean out in most cases. No jack hammering, digging or concrete work. Down time is generally one day, and then it’s like we were never there! But you have a new line. SKIP THE MESS! We also offer trenchless sewer and water line replacements, city and customer side when approved.

If you have had problems with sewer and drains backing up, let us take the stress away and fix it right! 403-381-FAST!

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