Red Deer Flooring Expert – Gerry Hodgson

Soft Metals

Metallics go casual in this neutral palette with subtle tones of pewter, brass and copper. When paired with soft, natural shades or aged to an imperfect patina, these metals take on the warm, cozy feel of objects that have stood the test of time. Texture is the unsung highlight of this trend, altering color as light plays across the surface of these watery, moving metals.

Color Form

Pastels are taking it down a notch this year with deeper, more neutral bases, but color is still the focus. Pistachio and dusty, steel blue add depth to shades of bubblegum pink, sage green and cream.

Dust and Roses

Rosy shades of pink are the forefront of this season’s color trends, and they mix beautifully with sand, mulberry and cool, steel grays for a rich, warm fall effect that’s both earthy and femme. Mixed finishes and textures enhance the color palette, letting subtle variations in each shade play off the others around it.

Matte Meets Metal

Another fall favorite this year is slate gray. It’s a mysterious color that reads both cool and warm at the same time, hinting at beige and purple undertones. When paired with the warm glow of brushed copper, the contrast is sleek and modern yet casual, thanks to the softness of honed and matte finishes.

Globally Grounded

The global trend is evolving this season in earthy, natural colors inspired by soil, sand and clay with the bright, saturated shades of vegetable dyes.