Red Deer Plumbing Expert – Shawn Groulx

Are you tired of hauling around and refilling the propane tank for your barbeque? How many times have you been entertaining friends and halfway through barbequing the propane tank runs out! There is a cost effective, more efficient way around this, natural gas connected to your barbeque.  There are natural gas barbeques available and there are conversion kits for your propane barbeque.  Installing a gas line is a simple installation but must be done properly and with safety in mind. A qualified certified technician is required to install the gas line and do the connection. The City of Red Deer will require a permit and they will do an inspection to make sure everything is up to code and safely installed. So the next time you are half way through cooking on your barbeque and you need to go for propane, remember, there is an alternative to this inconvenience, a natural gas connection by Express. You will never run out of natural gas while entertaining with friends!