Saskatoon Oil Changes Expert – Jerry Lupul

Canada is a great place to live. Yes, the weather could be better. Yes, the infrastructure could be better (see weather). But overall, I feel like Canada is a secret gem among more well-known countries.

Let’s get to Canada and car maintenance.

I am going to quickly rehash the old road-trip prep – oil and fluid checks, tire checks, emergency kit (if you’re going out of cell phone range especially) and add polarised sunglasses to the list, they may be more expensive, but they are vital when you’re driving. If you rely on map apps make sure you have saved them to offline mode.

Also, just like you, your car needs to stay cool in the summer. Getting your coolant and your air conditioning checked out will make summer drives better.

Coolant is also known as anti-freeze, and in winter it does the opposite of the summer, it keeps the car warm-ish. How? By keeping your car’s engine temperature as steady as it can be. Your engine makes a lot of heat, and that heat can become scalding very quickly. Just ask our techs for a tour of the burn marks on their arms. The coolant keeps internal parts cool sort of like how your blood does – it circulates around engine components with cooler fluid which takes away heat. The big accordion-folded metal part at the very front of your engine is how the heat dissipates so keeping it free of bugs and mud is essential.

Air conditioning is similar, except instead of cooling the engine bits it cools you. The refrigerant that does that job runs out after a while and so a recharge is needed in that instance. However, dirt and dust can affect the efficiency of the air conditioning, so have the cabin air filter checked regularly (which we do at every oil change!). A good vacuum helps, or you can go crazy and get a popsicle stick and a dust-attracting rag to get in between each and every vent in your car. Saskatchewan has a lot of dust in the air, most of which is collected by the engine’s air filter and the cabin filter but those get clogged a lot more often here than in a non-farming area. Changing them out twice a year is not excessive.

Now, get out there and enjoy your summer before any crazy tariffs hit.

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