Saskatoon Trees Expert – Dave Loraas

You may have noticed the large number of sick and dying ash trees in Saskatoon. This is due to the cotton psyllid, an insect that kills mancana and fall gold black ash. This insect is a huge problem to ash trees. Pesticides do not work well controlling these insects. My prediction is that Saskatoon will lose most of its mancana and fall gold black ash within the next couple of years. Very sad!

This situation with the ash trees should remind us all to get more vigilant in protecting our elm forest here in Saskatoon. Sanitation is key; all elm cuttings should go to the landfill; all elm firewood should be given up and taken to the landfill; and elm stumps should be debarked 4 inches below ground level.

Unfortunately, everyday, I see numerous violations throughout our city. This is a serious problem, because if Dutch elm disease gets a foothold in Saskatoon, these violations will continue to make it harder and more expensive to control the fungus.

Imagine if our city lost these beautiful elm trees due to improper sanitation.

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