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Free Preferred Customer Program for Oil Change Customers

At Lethbridge Castrol Premium Lube Express & Auto Repair, we reward your loyalty. Not with fuzzy stuffed animals or discounts on convenience store items you’ll never use, but with the things that matter! And how do you become a preferred customer? Simply let us do your oil changes. That’s it! No sign ups! No fees! No hassles!

ONE STAR – Oil Changes & Air Filter Services

Come to us exclusively for all your oil changes and you get:

  • Free washer fluid anytime
  • Free code reader anytime
  • Free tire pressure check and fill anytime
  • Free peace of mind inspection with oil change

TWO STAR – All Lube Shop Services

Come to use exclusively for all your oil changes and lube shop needs to get:

  • All Level One rewards
  • 10% off fluid services (excluding oil changes)
  • Email coupons for lube shop services

THREE STAR – All Lube Shop & Mechanic Services

Come to us exclusively for all your oil changes, lube shop and mechanical needs, and you’ll be rewarded with:

  • Level One rewards
  • Level Two rewards
  • $10 off the hourly mechanical rate
  • Free annual mechanical inspection
  • Email coupons for mechanic services

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