Red Deer Office Supplies Expert – Sandra Farquharson

To sit or to stand, that is the question…There are many reasons to buy a sit-stand desk and so many choices that finding the best fit for your needs can be a challenge. First, is a Standing Desk Right for Me?  Maybe. Maybe not.  Your goal should be to move often throughout the day, changing postures frequently, and a good adjustable desk is a tool that will help you do that.  Sit-stand desktop conversion units are designed to support both traditional sitting and standing work. Some desks are designed exclusively for standing or “perching.” Consider your available space, as well as the surface space you need to work effectively. If you like to spread things out and keep a lot of elbow room, a  full desk may be a better choice. If ample desk surface space is not needed, then a  desktop sit-stand unit may be the perfect choice.

In our furniture showroom we have several different models that you can try out and move around to see which one will be your best fit.