Lethbridge Denture Wear Expert – Allen Hosack DD.


We are often asked in our clinic “what is the best way to clean my dentures?” The product that we have been recommending for over 20 years is Renew Professional Strength Denture Cleaner.

Renew is a professional strength product which has a proven track record for 29 years. It is manufactured in Canada and is an outstanding product of superior quality which is very effective in removing tobacco, coffee, red wine and tea stains; calcium, plaque, tartar and bacteria.

Renew Denture Cleaner is not only used on dentures, but also is also safe to use on mouthguards, sport guards, and any other acrylic oral appliances. As well, if you have a soft liner on your denture, Renew is a safe product to use to clean it.

We have received such positive feedback from our patients who use Renew and absolutely love it. Many patients who have tried a variety denture cleaners over the years without success  are extremely satisfied with how well Renew cleans their dentures, and removes stubborn stains.

Since Renew is a Professional Product it is not available in stores, but is available at our office for purchase. Bring this ad in to our office for a free sample of Renew and see how well it works for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised!

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