Lethbridge Real Estate Expert – Ron Lagemaat, ABR® SRS® REALTOR®

Hot Tips for a Sizzling Summer of Selling

Lifestyle and appearance sell.  If you plan to put your home on the market this season, consider these tips to ensure that your home sells quickly and for the best possible price.

The first impression a buyer gets is typically the outside of the building (even on-line).  Summer is a fantastic opportunity to make sure their first views on your house are positive and memorable.  A lush, green lawn and groomed landscaping are very appealing. Add a fresh coat of paint or stain to the front door and place a pot full of colourful flowers beside the door.  For a relatively small investment of time and money on plants, lawn fertilizer, and paint, homeowners can reap significant returns. Use Pinterest or Google to search out some new ideas to be sure your house stands out. If weeds are popping up through walkways and driveway cracks, pour boiling water over them to kill them without harsh chemicals.

The inside of your home must match the summery appeal of the exterior.  If you have air conditioning – flaunt it, but don’t freeze it! An appropriately cool house during our hot southern Alberta summer days is very refreshing.  To offset the perceived costs of a/c, be sure to let your REALTOR® know about all the green features your home may have such as drip irrigation, solar panels, insulating windows, and high efficiency appliances, so these benefits can be pointed out to the prospective buyer.

Make the inside smell summer fresh.  Be careful, though, with overly flowery scents, some people have become very sensitive to certain air fresheners.  Fruit smells (especially natural) are best.  Speaking of fresh air, don’t forget about your pets.  If you have a cat, be sure the litter box is cleaned often.  Dog owners should give Fido a bath and, if at all possible, keep pets out of the home during showings.

Keep in mind that summer is almost everybody’s favourite season.  Your home, inside and out should embrace the ‘fun’ of summer: Patio furniture should be in place, plants should be growing, the home should appear bright and light.  And don’t forget – take advantage of those showing times outside of the house – go enjoy yourself!

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