Medicine Hat Medical Equipment Expert – Ricki Young

Ricki Young at Adapt Mobility is a certified fitter and has been on the AADL program for compression stockings for over a year now. From over the counter to custom made, Ricki will make sure you find the pair you will want to show off.

Compression stockings don’t have to be your standard white or black, there are lots of different fabrics and colours to choose from. Whether it’s knee high, thigh high or even pantyhose.  Anyone can wear compression stockings, if you are sitting all day, standing, flying or pregnant you can wear compression.

A few other benefits to wearing compression is preventing venous blood from pooling in your legs, decreases the risk of blood clots, lessening leg swelling and will improving the symptoms of vein diseases.

If you think about it, the veins in your legs do a lot of work and you blood is working against gravity. Having those snug socks helps keep that circulation going and keeps your legs young!

Certified by: Jobst, Sigvaris, Juzo, Venosan