Medicine Hat Aesthetics Expert – Whitney Hoefman

Alberta Massage and Spa is proud to offer our Therapeutic Pedicure Treatment. The Therapeutic Pedicure addresses all your foot care needs including ingrown toenails, corns, callus and skin/nail disorders. For ingrown toenails, we use a Toe Nail Brace from LCN. The brace bonds across the surface of your toe nail and acts like a spring to force the curved nail to straighten. Also when pressure from each side of the toenail against the skin is reduced, the pain caused by the ingrown toe nail will go away. Furthermore, the Therapeutic Pedicure includes nail cutting, shaping, cuticle work, an activated scrub, foot and Japanese Hot Stone leg massage and a toe nail application. Finally, we use Footlogix anti-fungal toe tincture spray to help treat any Fungi condition that may be present. If you are looking to address any of these foot care needs, then try our Therapeutic Pedicure. Please call us at 403 580 3334 to book your appointment today.