Grande Prairie Uncovering the ‘Infinite U’ Expert – Janet Lofstrom

Human bodies manifest stress in various ways due to the harsh environment we often find ourselves in. Uncovering the beauty within can often feel like a never ending task of doing.

Using technology that creates the doing for us, we are able to allow for things to shift within the physical body when our mental body is relaxing. I offer a space that has been created to allow for complete relaxation whether you choose to do anything more or not.

The Salt Sanctuary is a place of perfect peace….. you can sit and unwind or you can participate in various Meditations offered within its walls.

You will find it hidden in a retail space that also offers services to make the body beautiful. Specializing in Eurowave technology, Bentonite Clay detox wraps, Hexagonal Water, Chakra Teas, Vitajuwel Water bottles, Crystals, Singing Bowls & a smudging center that also carries various herbs & Oils.

#100 10015-102 Ave | (780) 533-5122

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